The fitness studio landscape is thriving, offering diverse options for residents to prioritize their health and well-being.
Market Drivers:

  • Rising disposable income: With increasing prosperity, residents are investing more in health and wellness activities.
  • Stronger health awareness: Growing awareness of lifestyle-related diseases encourages preventative measures like exercise.
  • Diverse population: The UAE’s diverse population has varied fitness preferences, creating demand for specialized studios.
  • Government initiatives: Government support for healthy lifestyles further boosts the fitness industry.

Unlike other women’s only circuit-based fitness centres, 30 Minute Hit® draws women ages 13-65 with a wide range of fitness levels and abilities. With its upbeat atmosphere and accommodating program, typical members span from high school and college students to new mothers, experienced Black Belt, and even grandmothers, creating the opportunity to increase revenue by expanding the target market size.

  • Low start-up costs and stable recurring income
  • Simple, proven business model in a booming GROWTH industry
  • Small studio footprint, 1500 sqft
  • No expensive equipment leasing, all equipment is provided with the opening package
  • Members can access 30 Minute Hit workouts anytime with the included HIT@Home digital workout platform
  • step-by-step proprietary training system is available to certify new 30-minute-hit instructors
  • Protected service territories
  • A convenient circuit-based program allows for a high volume of members even during peak hour
  • Semi-absentee and multi-unit plans are available
  • Construction & Design: We’ll guide you through the entire buildout process, from approved layout and general construction to interior design, music, and technology – creating an empowering studio experience designed for your members!
  • Recruitment: Your team is at the core of your studio’s success. Hiring, training, and developing the most qualified instructors, general manager, and sales team using our extensive, step-by-step library of training resources.
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