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The success rate of franchised businesses is significantly higher than the success rate of a start up business. Why? Well it boils down to time, money and systems. Franchises usually start out as successful businesses. Then people want to run one of their stores and so they become a franchise in order to allow them to do that. They spend the money to design the brand and more importantly the systems and the time. They create a business that is tested over and over and has a track record of success.

If you buy into a good franchise system, you are paying a fraction of the cost for the knowledge and the prepackaged experience. This makes your business easy to get started. Most of all it saves you time, frustration and money. It is a brilliant design that is so successful that it is the envy of the world. Franchising is a safer bet no matter how you look at it, if you pick the right franchise system and follow the plan, you are virtually guaranteed to be successful and make your dreams come true.

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